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Hello and welcome to the Pleasley Parish Council website.

The Parish Council has instigated this web site so that the residents of the Pleasley Parish Council area and the public in general are made aware of  the activities of the Council.

We will welcome any input or feedback to enable us to improve and develop the site.


Meeting Dates

The Parish Council generally meets on the first Monday of the month except in August at 7.00 pm in the Verney Institute, Newboundmill Lane.  Agendas are published on the Parish Council’s Notice Boards at the Verney Institute and New Houghton Community Centre. A 15 minute session is reserved at the start of the meeting for members of the public to make comments to the Parish Council.

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Councillor Howard Wright -  


59 Newboundmill Lane,

Pleasley, NG19 7PT

Telephone 01623 810486

Neil Pocklington -

Clerk to the Council

The Verney Institute

13 Newboundmill Lane,

Pleasley, Mansfield

Nottinghamshire NG19 7PL

Telephone 01623 819786


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March 2020

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Section 1 - Annual Governance Statement 2019-20

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New Outdoor Gym Equipment at Rotherham Road and Terrace Lane

Following public consultation with parishioners brand new outdoor exercise equipment is set to benefit the residents of Pleasley Parish. Pleasley Parish Council has recently installed four pieces of outdoor gym equipment at each Recreation Ground, which can be used by members of the community aged 14+.

The equipment includes a sit up bench, a lat pull and chest press combo and a ski stepper to promote cardiovascular training and toning, In addition there is a Multi-Purpose Fitness Frame designed for a total body workout which encourages bodyweight exercises and calisthenics-based exercises to help develop core strength, flexibility and confidence. Full instructions are displayed on all pieces of kit.

Outdoor gym equipment has become very popular recently and Pleasley Parish now has its own equipment that offers an ideal opportunity for residents to take part in physical activity, in an attractive environment, which is associated with positive outcomes for physical and mental health at no cost!

Please note that all equipment is designed only for use by those aged 14 and over. Being more active is very safe for most people. However, some people should check with their doctor before they start becoming much more physically active.

Pleasley Parish Council cannot accept any responsibility or liability for ensuring your individual suitability for the use, or correct use, of this equipment. If you have any doubts about taking part in any form of physical activity please seek qualified medical advice.

Left : Rotherham Road           Right : Terrace Lane