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Hello and welcome to the Pleasley Parish Council website.

The Parish Council has instigated this web site so that the residents of the Pleasley Parish Council area and the public in general are made aware of  the activities of the Council.

We will welcome any input or feedback to enable us to improve and develop the site.


Meeting Dates

The Parish Council generally meets on the first Monday of the month except in August at 7.00 pm in the Verney Institute, Newboundmill Lane.  Agendas are published on the Parish Council’s Notice Boards at the Verney Institute and New Houghton Community Centre. A 15 minute session is reserved at the start of the meeting for members of the public to make comments to the Parish Council.

Councillor Howard Wright -  


59 Newboundmill Lane,

Pleasley, NG19 7PT

Telephone 01623 810486

Neil Pocklington -

Clerk to the Council

The Verney Institute

13 Newboundmill Lane,

Pleasley, Mansfield

Nottinghamshire NG19 7PL

Telephone 01623 819786


September 2018


Number 54

Privacy Notice - Pleasley Parish Council


Amendments to Cemetary Fees

Community Defibrillator Seminar

The Community Heartbeat Trust will be demonstrating the use of defibrillators and explaining how the equipment works and its benefits to the community in saving precious minutes in the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest.

New Houghton Community Centre

Thursday 22 November 2018 at 7.00pm


The Verney Institute, Pleasley

Tuesday 27 November 2018 at 7.00pm

The more people that know how to use the portable defibrillator installed in our community, the more chance there is of saving the life of a victim of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Everybody is welcome, and no special skills are required, just your willingness to play an important role in the event of a medical emergency

GDPR Compliance Statement 1 24th April 2018

Community Heartbeat Trust Charity (CHT) and Community Heartbeat Trust Solutions Ltd (CHTS)

By contacting us or asking us to contact you, you are agreeing for us to hold your details on our systems so

we are able to support you and contact you in respect to any enquiries; in an emergency; for other purposes relating to the defibrillator; or for research purposes.

Details of individuals (including local WebNos contact) may be transmitted to the local Ambulance Service for their command and dispatch computer system. These details will only be accessible to the Ambulance Service, or other Statutory Agency where required. In case of defibrillator activation it is necessary for the Ambulance Service to report such instances, make contact with the local caretaker, and ensure that equipment is made fully operational after use. If delivery details have been passed to a supplier, or courier company they will be required to delete your data after delivery unless needed for repeat deliveries.
have a right to request viewing any information that we hold on you. All data will be held for historical purposes for a minimum of 20 years. CHT is registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) for holding of this information.
a held by CHT will not be passed to any 3rd party marketing organisation