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Pleasley Parish Council is made up of 10 Councillors, elections taking place every four years. The next elections will take place in May 2019

The District Council for our area is Bolsover District Council and the County Council is Derbyshire County Council.

Contact information for the Parish Councillors is listed below.

Parish Councillors

Howard Wright   (Chairman)

59 Newboundmill Lane Pleasley Mansfield NG19 7PT

Tel 01623810486

Pauline Bowmer   (Vice chair)

21 Pavillion Gardens New Houghton Mansfield NG19 8TT

Tel 01623 811492

Ian Allen

307 Devonshire Street New Houghton Mansfield NG19 8SX

Tel 01623 810346

Valerie Douglas

28 Recreation Road New Houghton Mansfield NG19 8TL

Tel 01623 811761

Mick Gamble

6 Holbrook Close Pleasley Mansfield NG19 7QP

Tel 01623 810035

Derek Gelsthorpe

Loxley, Terrace Lane, Pleasely, Mansfield NG19 7PU

Tel 01623 810830

Jackie Jones

3 Wilkinson Close Pleasley Mansfield NG19 7PS

Tel 01623 811207

Neil Jordan

3 Holbrook Close Pleasley Mansfield NG19 7QP

Tel 01623 811615

Tom Kirkham

7 Parthenon Close, Pleasley NG19 7SX

Tel  01623 811642

Caroline Randall

The Vale, Chesterfield Road, Pleasley NG19 7PE

Tel 01623 812318

District Councillor

Cllr Pauline Bowmer


County Councillor

Cllr Christine Dale


For full details of our members code of practice and the members declaration of interests please follow the following link